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Muong Son Joint Stock Company is a steel products trading company in Hanoi Vietnam. We always give you the best answer of price and quality for your need of steel products for each of your Project.

With experience of several year of trading, we will following you on the project to meet project progress to save your time and your cost. We are supplying best brand name products such as:

  • Constructional steel: Việt Ý, Hòa Phát, Việt Úc, Việt, Nhật, Thái Nguyên, Pomihoa…..
  • Shaped steel : Thái Nguyên, An Khánh, Hàn Việt…
  • Steel pipe: VinaPipe, Hòa Phát, Việt Đức, 190, Sheah, Sunsteel…
  • Other structural steel, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, pipe fitting, valve… import from other country such as: China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia….


Our slogan: “ Prestige is more valuable than gold”, the success of client is the motto for working. We will be your best partner in every project.

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